Vizia Live™

Vizia Live by Avempace – WebRTC For Things software stack

An embedded real time communication and control technology based on OpenWebRTC, fully adapted to embedded devices with video capture capabilities.

Vizia live WebRTC

Vizia Live, instant video calls between mobile, web and connected devices!

Secure, real-time and multi-party video communication systems require significant cloud, application and hardware development. With a proprietary solution, users will also need to install specific applications for their platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) in order to communicate. Vizia Live offers a complete communication and control solution based on OpenWebRTC, an open framework for audio / video communication and remote control.

Vizia Live connects people instantly, simply using their web browser (FireFox, Chrome, Edge, etc …) or mobile application for iOS and Android. This technology brings more than a traditional WebRTC solution, by supporting embedded platforms and providing « Click to call » functionnality to any connected video device. Vizia improves voice communication quality by supporting noise suppression and echo cancellation.

Vizia Live opens the way for several Business and consumer applications; Smart Building, smart video-conferencing systems, e-health, e-commerce, industrial applications…

Vizia Live sur Android, iOS, Navigateurs Web et caméras connectées

Vizia Live on Android, iOS, Web Browsers and Connected Cameras

The WebRTC at your fingertips

By integrating Vizia Live into your business application, you get a powerful and comprehensive service covering all the software components needed to build real time quality video communications:

  • A reliable WebRTC Back-end for connecting different stakeholders, managing all operations optimally and securely.
  • Tools for connecting stakeholders even in restricted network conditions (NAT, Firewalls) to simplify the use and eliminate any need for configuration.
  • « Vizia Live » Android and iOS applications for mobile audio/video calls on smartphones.
  • Secure Web browser call management, compatible with Chrome, FireFox, Edge and Safari* using native plugins and supporting https.
  • An embedded Linux software stack to create WebRTC compatible devices (connected cameras, WebRTC phones, …) and a reference hardware available for evaluation.

Vizia Live manages in a fully transparent way to the user:

  • A set of bidirectional low-latency audio / video streams with H.264 / VP8 codecs
  • Noise and echo cancellation improve speech quality.
  • Channels for capturing and controlling data for remote devices management

Vizia Live WebRTC stack

One technology, An application for each business

Vizia Smart Building

The business applications around Vizia Live WebRTC stack are multiple and allow to establish audio / video matching, file exchange and remote control:

  • Enterprise Collaborative Applications
  • E-Business
  • Connected video systems
  • Industry (remote monitoring, diagnosis)
  • Smart Home
  • Smart city / building
  • Telemedecine
  • Multi-screen live streaming



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